Introducing Coco

  1. How did you start modelling?
    Impressed by the glamourness of VS’s angels I secretly, behind my mom’s and sister’s back, signed a contract with a model agency which at the end wasn’t even validate because I was underaged.
    Then after struggling abroad on my own I went to Paris for the first Vetements show and this is how it started.
  2.  What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
    Not proud to say but checking my Instagram 🤡
  3. Which movie title would describe you best?
    ,,Cruel Intentions” haha
  4.  What’s something you can’t do?
    I really can’t sing and dance (i have completely no sense of the rhythm), can’t pretend that I like someone if I don’t (I can deal with stress but in that particular case my face doesn’t say a lie).